Monday, March 17, 2008

The Panda Exposé - Part Two

"When the Cats away, the Pandas.. Replicate?!"

In part one of the Panda Express Exposé we showed you the indisputable similarities between the Panda Express Keroppi and Deviant Kitties Eskimo Legwarmers. In this post we'll take a closer look at how these identical copies of one of the most popular legwarmers in Secondlife came to be.

PE Keroppi Legwarmer Inspect: Notice the Timestamps on the Right.
(Click Images to see Hi-Res Screenshots)

Those of you out there that are familiar with the woes of CopyBot will recognize right away that this object was duplicated automatically. For those of you who are just tuning in I'll reveal how to spot the difference between a hand made item and a replicated object. If you take a look at the timestamps you'll see they're all the same. This is because the script that resses (generates) the item in-world does so in one swift action which leaves this tell tale signature in the item inspect history.

Now lets compare the original DK Eskimo legwarmers to see how much time and effort is put into creating one of the coolest fashion fads in SL.

DK Eskimo Legwarmer Inspect: Notice the Unique Timestamps.

So there we have an example of a real handmade item. It took Helyanwe Vindaloo about 4 hours to create this now infamous item almost a year before Kioko Kumaki replicated it in a split second, awkwardly slapped some off green plaid and bad lace textures on it, then marked it up to three times the price.

Now I could go on all day posting screen shots of various PE products with their side by side comparison of the original products.. On average it looks like 80% to 90% of the items we purchased from PE were produced in a similar manner, one is only left to wonder where those oddly familiar looking textures actually come from.

Here at AD Labs you'll never see an automatic creation signature in our time stamps. For good measure I'll share an inspection screenshot of the AD Lab's Chav Legwarmer so no one can claim dirty pool, mind you the 114 prim log is so long the list only partially fits:

ADL Spikey Chav Legwarmer Inspect: Over 300% More Primage.

These Legwarmers were over a Month in the making.. the actual time invested in hand crafting each and every object from scratch is probably phenomenal. ADD?

More like OCD. :P

Sorry to be redundant, but I can't stop myself from showcasing the insanity in Kioko's following statement:

[21:15] Kioko Kumaki: you have a prim replicator .. and used it on my shit .. and added a bit of your own!

Do people really get away with so much that they're forced to go accuse other people of their own crimes in hopes that they themselves will eventually be found out? What kind of emo self destructive behaviour is this? Perhaps if I had majored in Psychology instead of Computer Science this would make more sense to me.

But alas I'm left to look at only the numbers and code, and personally I think it's far more revealing. The hardcoded facts are not nearly as subjective.


Naoki Ninetails said...

Is there anything that other SL residents can do?

And when are you issuing a DMCA notice on her ass? The proof is right here in these posts; there need not be any other. There's no way in hell she could have replicated your legwarmers by hand within the timespan of nanoseconds -- she is dead in the water. Issue a DMCA notice and get her account banned before she does it to anyone else.

You're the only one who can.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. I'm so tired of copybot. I was actually approached by someone with similiar prim clothes to mine and they typed purely in caps. I finally took everything down in my store and left second life for two months. Since coming back I have permanently deleted everything and started over. 50+ hours of work, thrown out because someone jumps all over me. LL needs to find a way to stop copybot permanently. It would clear up SO much.